• 05-20-2005
    anyone want to ride lakeshore this weekend?
    anyone in GTA want to ride lakeshore this weekend for fitness? I want to save gas by staying in TO this victoria long weekend. PM me quickly.
  • 05-20-2005
    You wanna stay in TO and I want DIRT. :D

    Sooooooo, Don Valley? :confused:

    I'm waking up "early" tomorrow morning (9:00) to put my shocks back on the bike, load it into the car and i'm going somewhere. If not Don, then Kelso, maybe Albion. Dirt

    I don't have a dirty g/f, so i'll have to get my bike dirty.

    We can always ride down to Lakeshore and check out "the sights" when we're done at Don Valley.

    POST. Nevermind the secrecy, we might get more interest if it's posted.