Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick message about the 45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series by Substance Projects.

The Frozen Beaver was the first race in the series on January 9, 2016 and had over 50 people come out despite conditions of +6C.

Tomorrow's Snumbler at Northumberland starts at 11:00am and day of registration is $50 cash. A quick video of the course is as follows:

Conditions look good and the track is going to be fast. IF you can't make tomorrow's race there are still two more in the series and the information is as follows:

45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-screen-shot-2016-01-22-9.22.41-am.jpg

45NRTH is sponsoring the series and has provided some awesome draw prizes. Additionally, Cycle Solutions, Ryders and and K9 Imports have also provided prizes.

All podium positions will take home some beverages generously donated by Amsterdam Brewery!

This is a great event to come out and participate in whether it is your first time on the bike or a seasoned pro.

Some pics of the Frozen Beaver have been attached.

45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_0117.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_0397.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_0103.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_0056.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_9421.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-neilfbf_-15-.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_0925.jpg45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Race Series-img_1016.jpg