Hey Canadian people! I'll be in Montreal for the weekend and have at least the full day of the 21st to go out and ride in Bromont with a rental. I'm thinking I'll opt for the 160mm Yari/150mm rear Rocky Mountain Altitude rather than the full-on DH rig. When I visited Winter Park and hit Trestle, I ended up not enjoying the bike's stiff setup and rode my 140mm trail bike. The RM Alt is very similar to what I'm used to with my 160mm/145 GG Shred Dogg, just a bit slacker!

Anywho, I'd love to tag along with a group that's already going! I drink beer, partake in the devil's lettuce on occasion, would like to apologize about our president, and have decent DH experience though I'm still not totally comfortable hitting big gap jumps or anything. I don't speak an ounce of French unfortunately.

Also I'd prefer to not be murdered or anything, thanks!