We trust all is well and we look forward to seeing you throughout the season. We just wanted to ensure that you realize that for the very first time ever, we are offering a discount on entries for solos as well as teams. This discount will not last forever and $50 bucks is $50 bucks, so why not take advantage.


Couple of other notes:

1. A new solo and duo 8 hour category has been created for 2005. Selected events only and these categories will be ready for registration on Wednesday February 19th, 2005 ($50 discount does not apply to the 8 hr.). Please note that we reserve the right to limit the field at any time. These categories are added as open categories (no age group or gender) and are for the pure fun of it!

2. On a side note: The World 24 Hours of Adrenalin Championships (notice the word solo missing) will be adding a new and exciting three (3) person coed category in addition to all the normal solo categories. Please note that we are limiting this new category to a max of 25 teams from around the world. A lot more information will be forthcoming.

3. Jennifer, is working with a number of new qualifying events for the World 24 Hours of Adrenalin Championships Solo category. We will be emailing all members the qualifying list early next month. If you know of an event that would be suited for a qualifying event, please email Jennifer at [email protected] and contact the race director suggesting that they become involved, after all we dont charge a single dollar to these qualifiers, it just helps you the riders.

4. Please note that we will offer the $50 discount (for a limited time) once the final Ontario venues are announced. Anyone as a member of the adrenalin web site will be emailed.

4. Lots more but I realize that you need to get out for a training session... dont forget the $50.00 discount. Again if you experience any problems contact Jennifer Sheardown. [email protected]