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    XT 8000 Shifter - Brand New Today - Won't Downshift

    I just installed a new XT 8000 11-speed shifter today, and before I even had everything bolted up, I noticed the shifter would not downshift from a certain point.

    I kept going, but had to flip the shifter over, remove the plastic cover, then with a firm pull of the cable as i was down-shifting, it finally ran through the gears (down to what would be the 11t cog).

    I bolted it all back up, finished the install hoping it was a fluke.


    It will shift up to the 42, then down to the 37, then the 32. From there, there is nothing left - nothing catches with the shift lever to keep the chain moving down toward the 11t.

    Anyone else? I did some searching and found some issues with the XTR9000 shifter, but nothing with XT8000.

    I will call the company I purchased it from and plan to send it back, but if there is a quick-fix, please someone chime in - I'd like to get it working somehow, so I can ride this weekend.

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    Sounds like you have a defective shifter, I had an issue with my front brake clamp where it wouldn't release when you press the quick release but kept it since it's rare that I remove my shifters/brakes unless I break them...

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    You sure the shifter isn't catching on anything? I have had that problems when my shifter catches on a grip, or lockout lever.
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    I think I would try a couple of things. Without the cable attached, will the der run through the gears using finger pressure? Have you checked the housing for binding? With the cable disconnected, can you (while pulling on the cable) shift through the range of gear stops?

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    Cable tension.
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    I am betting this is the cable, housing, or both... and not the shifter.

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    XT 8000 Shifter - Brand New Today - Won't Downshift

    I worked with it more today.

    It IS the shifter. I'm 100% certain.

    (Its worth noting that I ran it through the "gears" right out of the box and it hung up on the downshift..again, right out of the box. )

    It is not lack of cable tension, housing (it is new), etc. Its not getting hung up on anything.

    With the cable disconnected from the derailleur, it will still get hung up and stop down-shifting.

    Here is the deal: I removed the bottom plastic cover just to try to get a visual on something hanging up internally. When I removed the cover, I tried to run through the gears, and it worked just fine.

    I put the cover back on, and noticed that I had to run the barrel-adjuster almost all the way out in order to get the cover on properly. I then ran the barrel-adjuster back in to start the test, and it got hung up again (and what I mean is, there is "nothing" when trying to downshift - it feels as though it is at the end of the spectrum and has no feeling, tension or ratchet).

    Removed that plastic cover again, and it worked just fine.

    I ended up putting the cover on, but left the two screws off which were closest to the barrel-adjuster (which again is shown by the photos), went for a hour ride and it worked fine.

    XT 8000 Shifter - Brand New Today - Won't Downshift-imageuploadedbytapatalk1444529747.176483.jpg

    XT 8000 Shifter - Brand New Today - Won't Downshift-imageuploadedbytapatalk1444529761.929390.jpg

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