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    X01 Cassette Install Issue

    I just converted my DT Swiss 240 hub to an XD driver.

    I'm now attempting to install the X01 cassette, like I've done dozens of times with other Shimano cassettes, but something funky is happening.

    This is my first SRAM cassette, and I notice that the hub side of the cassette is not keyed (all spline groves are identical widths). There is one small spline on the driver body, but otherwise all the others are identical, so again, looks like there is no keying I'm missing.

    I slide the cassette on, and turn it slightly to line up the splines, and attempt to push the cassette on further. It only moves about 1mm onto the splines. So it lines up fine, but just doesn't move all the way onto the splines - like 90% are still left exposed. I'm thinking it should just slide on, as there's nothing blocking it, and again, it isn't keyed.

    I thought it might be a bit stiff, so I pushed a bit, but it just won't budge.

    1. Isn't the X01 just supposed to slide on easily, completely onto the splines, and then you tighten the lockring as usual?
    2. Am I missing something obvious?


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    It's not supposed to slide on easily. It slides further down the XD freehub as it is tightened.

    At least, none of mine have ever done that (three cassettes, 2x DT XD freehubs).
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    I get what you're saying, but the cassette can't be turned/tightened at all at this point - I'm not going to force it, but it won't budge.

    Besides, it doesn't seem like the cassette's internal threads are even close to engaging the threads on the driver.

    Both the driver and cassette are brand new, and I can't detect any gauges or milling issues - at least with my eye. (?)

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    Thought I'd close the loop on this, as I hate it when someone posts an issue, but never follows up.

    After tearing my hair out, I finally noticed a tiny flaw (metal spec) at the end of one of the spline channels on the driver. I filed it down, and - bingo - the cassette slid on just another 2mm or so, but it was enough to engage the threads.

    It then tightened as expected.

    Unsure how common this is, but FYI if it happens to anyone else.

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