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    Will new chain and chainrings be affected by used cassette

    XT drivetrain '08 with medium use. I am a gear masher and climb-alot.

    There wasn't any skipping, but last two rides I did hear popping sounds when under load.

    Today I installed new chain and new front rings (middle and granny XT) This is all I can afford for now.

    Cassette: cleaned and inspected it, measured the teeth gaps or holes or "u's" or whatever called and seemed consistent at app. 12mm from top-center to top-center of teeth. I did notice a tiny-tiny-tiny bit of metal on the back side of some of the teeth that looked like it had been crushed-pressed so I filed it and cleaned all them up. After that the cassette looked fine with no noticeable stretches or digs or pull wear.

    First short ride there wasn't any grinding or skipping, or problems with shifting, but it felt a little "loose" or like the chain wasn't fitting right in. Maybe I just need to get used to it...

    Question: Will the new parts be negatively affected by older cassette?

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    I guess it really depends on the condition of the cassette. If you examined it and it seemed fine than it should work ok. But to tell you the truth it's always a good idea to upgrade/replace everything at the same time, just to avoid all possible problems.

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    +1 for it depends... I've had excellent luck with used XTR cassettes (I was very picky about the source they came from and got lots of details on usage). One way to test is put a chain whip on each of the cogs and apply torque in the opposite direction with a cassette removal tool to see if there is any slip on the whip with 4 or 3 chain links attached. If that's successful, mount the wheel, go to the middle chain ring and climb through each cog applying a decent amount of pedal torque to check for slippage. Typically I find the 3rd or 4th cog will slip when a cassette is becoming marginal.

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    Yes... but probably not enough the matter.
    Pisgah Area SORBA

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    I'd go with yes, almost definitely. If your chain was worn to the point that it was causing problems and your chainrings were worn to the point that you replaced them then the cassette was worn with them. Even if it shifts and rides OK the worn cassette will prematurely wear the new chain.

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    popping can be due to the rear derailer being a little off.

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    Thanks for all the good advice guys.

    I went out on a 20 miler loop on Sunday and there weren't any problems with the shifting, however, when shifting between 2nd, 3rd, or 4th there is this feeling of "weighlessness" before it "engages". This all happens in less than a second as the chain climbs or drops to the next gear.

    I was thinking it may not even be the cassette but the hub engaging the pawls????

    Will put a different much newer cassette from different bike to rule out...

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