• 02-11-2013
    Who on their 1xn drive has experimented with top guide+bionicon c.guide+clutch mech?
    So, cleaning up my drivetrain to make it prettier, lighter and slicker running.

    Was using a short cage mech+gamut p20s full guide. This has been faultless, though a little ugly and heavy.

    Decided to go for a zee clutch mech to make things quieter, this had the effect of causing lots of drag on the chain from the tension on the bottom slider.

    Thought "o well got a clutch mech now, may as well experiment with a top only guide a and a pretty chainring". It's lighter, really free running and far prettier now.

    I know this setup isn't going to be good enough for dh/uplift days on my 6" bike, ok, i'll just put the full retention on for these days. Though this involves removing the cranks and fitting a bash and stuff, which is effort.

    I got thinking, decided that the combination of a top guide, clutch mech and bionicon c.guide might be a useful option to try out, what are peoples experiences?
  • 02-11-2013
    What about just removing the lower guide roller bits of your existing guide? Free to try, and if it works, sweet. Pop the lower bits back on for lit days.

    If not, top only and something like the c-guide seems like it'd work, but I've read a few threads about the c-guide not being too durable for some.

    I'm only running top guides on my hardtail and 5" bike - no trouble there at all, but my 6.7" is still a full guide. Have run it with only the top off and on though -no issues with losing the chain, but it's just quieter with the full setup.

    All three with "clutch" style rear mechs.

    MRP and e.13 have a couple that you could remove the lower slider/bash bits without removing the cranks, but then you'd have no bash protection that way for the trail days - no idea if that's important to you or not.