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    What Other Shift Cable Companies Are There?

    Years back, I bought a huge shop roll of Jagwire shift housing in Carbon Black. It was a great color with visible braids in it. Goes with every color frame and looks way cooler than plain black. I build a handful of custom bikes per year and people love it.
    I have a tiny bit left so I tried to buy more. THERE IS NO MORE.
    Now they make all these goofy colors and nothing braided any more. They have like silver and gold but that isn't what I'm looking for.

    Any Ideas?
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    There are other companies, but they're, by and large, buying them from Jagwire, anyway (unless you're getting into the cheap-crap-from-aliexpress camp). If it's not something they already make, you'll have a hard time getting it.

    Mind, Shimano is the only other company making their own (high-end) stuff, and that's only available in white, black, or "high-tech"-grey. They sell short kits of other colors (which only come with their polymer cables), but that's it.

    Jagwire still sells the 'Titanium' colored-roll, which is halfway between silver/black, but you need to use their 4.5mm ferrules on it.

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    You can get the carbon black with the braided Kevlar mesh from Bike24, but the maximum length available is 2700mm, both 5mm and 4.5mm options are available.

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    have you tried aliexpress ? they have tons of housing options, inc braided
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