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    Upset Wanna Ride my 9spd!!!!!

    Will a 10s XT rear der work with
    9s shifter, cass, and chain?
    This is the question I've turned into a short story. If you like long winded boring stories read below.

    Actually the gentleman I sold it to, wants to. In parting w a 07' FSR SJ which was suited up with brand new
    Sram PG990 9spd Cassette
    set of Blackspire Chainrings mated to XTR 960 cranks (old Skool)
    XT HG93 9spd Chain
    I've been wrenching on bikes for a while and I like to think I know what I'm doing, maybe??????????

    Dialed it in on stand, guy comes to pick up, shifts like POS (Front XT shifter lost indexing for big ring) Awesome) pirated rapidfire shifter off ladies bike) I hop on and Rear XT Shadow Der (M772) implodes (main spring died). Sweet, I have to part w my favorite bike to get my repo'd car back and the bike is falling apart. Bolted on an old XTR and sent him on his way. Might as well throw on a new der to complement rest of brand spanking new drivetrain!!! Scoped my favorite shops, Jenson, PricePoint, CBO, sorry LBS, and many questions ensued about 9 and 10spd stuff being buddies. LBS said 9 belongs w 9 and 10 w/ 10. Forum of Going 10 speed w mishmash of 9 and 10spd stuff, very informative but misses my ? slightly.

    Bike has 9spd XT shifters along w goodies listed above w/ all new cables and housing. A 10s XT rear Der is much cheaper then 9spd and the guy wants to stick w XT. SO the BIG ??????

    Will a 10s rear der work with
    9s shifter, cass, and chain?

    This would be against the advice of LBS and probably illegal. From much deep thought, a rear derailleur moves where the shifter tells it to go, it provides the indexing, and should fix the wrecked bike??? The other forum explains everything else awesomely.

    Hope MTBR can help and enlighten
    S Shaney

    Update. Guys first ride w backup XTR in place the der hanger busts off.
    Bike is not happy about parting ways, neither am I, nor is he.
    Moving forward only working on Magna's and 30yr old Schwinns.

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    Short Answer No.

    Search there are threads on it. It can be made to work with some hacks.
    Duct tape iz like teh Force. It has a Lite side and a Dark side and it holdz the Universe together.

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    So it's like the I Phone 5 switching to the new charging port, so they can make millions selling new car chargers.

    I think I already know the question to this. I've come across a SLX Dyna-Sys shifter set for $40. Thats not gonna work w the 9 speed cassette? RAAAAAAGRRRRRRRR SOB

    Franken Biking stuff is another word for Hack, isn't it?

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