SRAM NX backpedaling vs Shimano XT/SLX 11 speed-
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    SRAM NX backpedaling vs Shimano XT/SLX 11 speed

    I've heard Sram NX doesn't drop the chain when backpedaling like Shimano XT or SLX. Is that because of the cassette it uses or does it have more to do with the derailleur or chain?

    I'm asking because I have a Sunrace 11 speed cassette laying around that I could use, but will buy the Sram cassette if it's what prevents the backpedaling issue.

    Sunrace cassettes didn't suffer as much from the chain drop when backpedaling, but it was still an issue. However, I have only seen them used with Shimano XT.

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    There's a lot of different factors that come into play with that issue. One common response is to make sure the chain line is set inward a bit and seems that SRAM chains don't have the dropping issue.

    Shimano set ups have worked fine for many and others can't get it to work at all.

    Many people don't check the chain line or expect the set up to work fine with some ridiculous chain line.

    I do know that sunrace cassettes seem to be prone to the back pedal issues. Mine did with a kmc chain till I adjusted my chain line in a bit.

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    I have a brand new bike with SRAM GX 1x11 drivetrain and it des have the backpedal issue on the 42t. Go figure...
    Just like the previous poster mentioned the chain line and chainstay lenght are the determining factors, SRAM chains seem to alleviate the issue but not necessarily eliminate it.
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    Since there is no pulley guiding the chain on to the top of the 42t ring, why would you think it is supposed to stay on when you pedal backwards? Don't back pedal when you are at the extremes of the cassette and you should be just fine.

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    I'm using the bastard son of a Shimano rear mech, a Sunrace 11-46 cassette and a SRAM chain, and also use a Shimano chain as second chain.
    I can always backpedal at least half revolution and most of the times I test it I could backpedal a complete spin.
    I had to thinker with my chainline to eliminate the chain rub when on the 46t cog, and as a bonus the backpedal improved. But other than do a short back spin on technical rocky section or sync your pedal stroke with trail obstacles I see no reason for you to continuously backpedal on the 46t cog. It is like you are looking for a reason to complain about something, like, when I brake I hear my pads rub on the rotor .
    Now seriously, as others have said, it's a no issue.

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    Sram nx

    Im using 1x11 SRAM NX with a Giant Fathom and i can back pedal on the 42 at any speed but i discovered you have to adjust the tension on the rear derrallieur to de least possible tension before touches the cassette, this is for chain stays more in contact with cassette.

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