I recently bought this Yeti SB-95, which came with a Shimano cassette, Shimano chain, and Sram X7 rear derailleur. Everything seemed fine for the first ride, but the second time I rode it (after thoroughly cleaning and lubing it - the first ride was in a pretty sandy area), I felt and heard lots of binding in the drivetrain - sort of a popping noise and feel, multiple times every rotation, and in most or all of the gears.

I watched videos, read tons of stuff, and tried for a long time to figure out the problem, but I couldn't nail it down. I finally took it in to a local shop, and they were pretty stumped too, until one of the techs asked a friend, and he said that the cassette/derailleur combo was probably causing it. So, he threw a Sram cassette on, and said that took care of it.

I've never heard of that being a problem before, so I wanted to double check. I haven't been able to pick it up yet so I haven't ridden it, but is that a reasonable fix? I'd rather not buy a new cassette if that wasn't the root cause, especially if it just comes back later.