Pressfir BB prep - grease, no grease, locktite, etc?-
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    Pressfir BB prep - grease, no grease, locktite, etc?

    I'm getting ready to set up my first pressfit bottom bracket. It's a BB92, going into a carbon frame. I'm using the Enduro BB with the KCNC aluminum cups.

    There's a lot of conflicting info on what to use to prep the install. Park Tool recommends grease only on alloy frames - nothing on carbon. The Enduro instructions say to grease the o-rings, but make no reference to frame type. Angry Asian's article mentions a specific type of lock tite, and seems to suggest it for both carbon and alloy frames.

    My goal is a creak freak bb that I can remove without killing the frame when it's time to replace the bearing. Frame choice has already been made, so I'm stuck with BB92, so going to BSA is not an option.

    What's worked for you?

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    I use a small coat of waterproof grease.

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    The instructions on the press fit I bought was to use loctite for bearings- The stuff I got was green. I have had no squeaks.

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    Start with the instructions that came with your BB, if that doesn't work use locktite 690, or whatever James recommended in his article. Grease is fine (synthetic for carbon) if everything is spot on, but that's not as common a situation as it should be. Keep this in mind as well. Creaks come from movement, grease encourages that.

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