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    Oval to round to oval to round to...

    I just ordered an oval chainring from absolute black to put on my xx1 crank. My question: the bike I use on my trainer has a round chainring. I've heard it can take a few rides to get the feel for the oval. So would going back and forth mess with my mind/legs? Don't want a discussion about oval not being effective/scam. I've read pages of that already. I'm just gonna give it a shot for kicks.
    Small ring in front makes it easier. Small ring in back makes it harder. That blows my mind.

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    I have oval on my road bike and round on my Mtb. I can't tell the difference. Haven't got around to putting oval on the Mtb yet. But it's on the to do list.

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    I can't feel a difference when pedaling on my AB oval chainring. It felt normal from my first ride and I don't notice any weirdness when switching between my 3 bikes I ride all the time (only MTB has oval).

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    I tell myself, I can feel a difference, but if you blindfolded me, I probably couldn't tell you which chainring I was riding.

    Sticking to the topic. The difference is so subtle it will not mess with your mind/legs. There is no issues switching back and forth.

    I have Round 2x mtn rings, oval mtn ring, round road ring, and *GASP* old school Biopace Road chainring. I switch constantly between them.

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    I switch between bike with oval and one round. No issues. In fact, I like it. I do notice a positive difference in power transfer to wheels/ground with the oval. Glad it's on my mtb because of punchy steep climbs when fast transfer of torque really helps.

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    I ride more radical elliptical chainrings on my three bikes than your AB oval rings and have a LeMond Revmaster spin bike. I definitely feel the tear drops hurting more on the Revmaster due to more knee strain. Other than that, you'll get used to the slight difference.

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    Oval on mtb, round on road and cross. I can seamlessly go between bikes without having to adjust anything. MTB is typically at a lower cadence, where it is more beneficial.

    First winter without knee pain (a lot more climbing where I ride mtb compared to road/cross). I'm sold on oval.

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