I have a Howitzer Team 100/144 (shell/spindle),
that I'd like to use on my bike (fat-tire steel cruiser).

Also I have a Hussefelt 2.1 (?) crankset 175mm;
it has two rings and a bash.

The bike has 190mm rear/dropouts.
External width of the chainstays, at the end of a 175mm crank,
is 190mm.

Basically I need a Howitzer crankset that will put the Q factor >190mm;
195mm (between inside surfaces of the cranks) would probably be ideal.

What Howitzer cranks would work to get a 195mm Q?

The spindle ends on the Howitzer 100mm shell are @ 14mm.

I think a 7 or 8mm spacer on each spindle would
get it where it needs to be, but then I'd only be using
6 or 7mm of the spindle to fasten the cranks...

Alternately, I've heard that ISIS cranks could work, due to the
tapered spline fittings (Howitzer splines are 'square-cut' ), where the cranks would only partially fit on, not really requiring a spacer...

Also, I'm aware that going this route (ISIS cranks on Howitzer splines) would most likely mar the Howitzer splines.

I'm not prepared to go the Surly or RaceFace routes
(2-300 USD+ on a crank/BB ), but I don't really see too many other options for 190mm-wide chainstays.

Are there other crank/BB options for a 190mm?