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    Going 1X10....questions about chainring choices, chain guide vs. bash guard

    Cross-posted from the 29er forum....hoping for some more advice...

    So I have been riding more and getting stronger, and realizing that I rarely, with the exception of rides with stronger riders, drop into my granny. Most of the guys I ride with are down to 1-by setups and I am thinking that I can shave a bit of weight and go to a 1X10 setup on my XTC1.

    Currently, I am riding it as a 2X10 with a really heavy Raceface bashguard. I started out with the stock chainrings (44/32/22) and basically just dropped my big ring for the bash, which is what I have done in the past on other bikes. Now, though, contemplating going to a 1X10, I am thinking that simply getting rid of the smallest ring, leaving only the 32 is not going to give me the ideal gearing options, especially for those rare situations when I would have needed the granny to keep up or for longer climbs. A buddy of mine who went to 1X10 swapped his middle 32T ring for a 28T (widget ring in his case), which seems to make sense to me.

    I guess I am looking for recommendations as to what size chain ring would be appropriate for a 1X10 setup. I realize this may be a personal preference thing, but a little guidance for a relative newb would be awesome.

    As a follow-up question, I am wondering what type of chain guide and/or bash guard folks are using with their 1-by setups.

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    I am in the same situation, however I believe the ring count is dependent upon your area. Where your buddies ride a 28T, everyone I run across where I ride is using a 36T. Im debating whether that will be too much for me coming from a 32T middle ring, I will end up going with a 34t or 36t, just need to test it on a couple hills to find out if I can push that ring or not yet..

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    I run a 30t ring + bashwich. If your stays don't allow clearance for an inner bash, try a Jump Stop.

    Cassette is 11-36t and this range works well for me here in Oregon. Our terrain here makes mountain biking live up to its name. If forced to move away from my 30t in one direction or the other, I'd choose 28t over 32t, but as Twank pointed out, appropriate gearing is a locale / individual matter.


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