The trend for bikes is to come without a front derailleur. Going to 2X is something A few people have talked about. Is there an easy BB mounted option that doesn't require cable stops? The new XT FD-M8000-D is an option i am considering as it claims to be e-type compatible yet it does not come with a plate to mount to the bottom bracket. ( FD-M8000-D ). The cheapest bracket on the market that I can find is a 3X9 deraileur from Jenson. ( Shimano XT FD-M780 3X10 Front Derailleur > Components > Drivetrain > Mountain Front Derailleurs | Jenson USA ). The front deraileur is removable from the bracket and the xt 11 speed would replace it. The bracket would be mounted to the BB of a fat bike gx crank. ( ).