Hi guys, I am building up my Cube Reaction and I ran into a compatibility issue.
I have this Cube Reaction PRO frame (Cube REACTION Pro 29 2014 review - The Bike List) and I was trying to install the crankset I recently got : a 2x10 XTR FC-M980 crank.
The frame's bottom bracket is a Shimano pressfit that came with the original bike. The PROBLEM is when I mount the crankset, it goes too "far away" and the inner chainring touches the frame. Did you guys ever run into this issue?

P.s: The factory crankset for this frame is the XT FC-M782 that apparently works fine. I can't understand why the XTR doesn't. I also didn't find any "press fit version" of the XTR FC-M980.

Desperately waiting for help/solutions. Thanks!