Chain skip - fixed it - chipped a chain link?-
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    Chain skip - fixed it - chipped a chain link?

    Was riding noticed a little skip, fooled with the tension on the trail, and just couldn't get it, made it worse. Checked all the usual suspects-hanger, chain for wear, dialed in adjustment and just couldn't get it. Figured sticky cable, but I was slowly turning the cranks and noted a stuck link. It would come of the derailleur as a straight section, and was running the cogs that way. Usually you can twist back and forth to release, nothing, super tight. I looked real close, and the link was dinged, I've never seen that before. I am guessing that's from shifting under pressure, which I do a lot. Pulled the link and all better.
    Replaced the cable and housing anyway. Super Sweet!
    (cleaned the chain a bit too)

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    Yep, sometimes the 'throw the bit away' mentality is the only thing that will work.
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