Chain rubbing on dropout/ mech hanger-
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    Chain rubbing on dropout/ mech hanger

    I have an I9 Torch with boost on my SC Bronson. I have a SRAM X 01 11 speed cassette mounted on the XD driver freehub. Under QR tension I am getting chain rub and binding when I shift to my smallest ring (10 tooth) the chain is adjusted as far as I can adjust it onboard without it climbing to the next ring. It is still rubbing on the dropout/ mech hanger. I have checked and double checked my hanger and it is dead on straight at 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock and between 6 and 12. So it’s not a bent hanger. I have removed, cleaned and reseated my cassette 2 times so it seems to be fully seated. I measured the face to face across my axle and it appears to be dead on 148 mm. I am at a loss..... any ideas?
    Can you tell me how far the driver side end cap should protrude when measured from the outboard face of the smallest cog?
    Is it possible to “center the wheel” between the hub faces?
    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    check that the freehub body is fully seated into the hub shell. Since I9 freehub bodies can just pull off, you can just push them back on, too. you can leave the cassette on, and rotate/jiggle it a bit to make sure it settles into place.

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    Thanks. I will check that.

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    The amopunt of the end cap that goes into the slotted drop outs is 3.5mm each side, measure to see how much is protruding from the end of your cassette. As Harold said, i9 freehubs just basically pop off, so make sure yours is seated properly to the hub, sometimes if you don't give it that last little push to get the seal seated, it will seem fine, but what you describe will happen.
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