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    Chain ring eating the frame


    Not sure if this is the right place for this question.

    Just noticed that my front chain ring has eated quite a bite from my aluminium frame. How is this possible? I tightened up the bottom bracket and it vent like a 1.5turns more tighter.

    As you can see there is plenty of space between the frame and the chainring. I am using exactly same amount of spacers what shimano requirements are.

    Is my frame totaly ruined now or can i continue using it/what should i do with it?
    Chain ring eating the frame-20151221_204303.jpg

    Chain ring eating the frame-20151221_204404.jpg

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    Going by the pictures my initial feeling is it was caused when the chain came off the rings and jammed while you kept applying force on the pedals.

    It happens - and you just have to learn to feel it / not keep pushing when it happens to prevent further damage.

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    thanks for quickly reply! Just ordered some lizard skin tape "Just for being sure" i will install it and follow up if chainring/chain is eating the tape. And maybe i just has to "learn to feel it"

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    You should have 3mm to 5mm min clearence. Recently changed bottom bracket for my new oval ring. Same issue.

    This could also be effects of chain sick due to worm components or not well lubed chain

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    you can shim it outboard using spindle spacers.
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