• 10-29-2012
    Chain curls of death and destruction
    I was riding down hill on my camber yesterday. I enter a flat section of the trail comming from a downhill grade, I want to conserve most of my speed so I hammer on the pedals. I have not made one revolution of the cranks when it jams and I hear the unmistakable sound that something has died. Sure enough, my front derailleur was dead. The chain had coiled itself up in two places, one going to the left and the other to the right and one of those curls or coils took out the derailleur. The coils were fairly easy to undo without taking the chain apart. I had seen this happen on my el mariachi before during a bumpy downhill ride but I saw it before I started pedaling so no harm was done, I was not so lucky this time. What causes this? Is this a common ocurrence and is there any way to prevent it? The gearing at the time of the incident was around 3-7/8/9, dont remember the exact cog but i was ridding in the tallest gears.

  • 10-29-2012
    Sounds like chainsuck. Could be worn chainrings, dirty chian, or even the wrong lube. Sometimes shifting technique plays a part too.

    You're lucky you didn't rip off your RD.