Cassette cog digging into the freehub body, any body have this?-
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    Cassette cog digging into the freehub body, any body have this?

    Took of my Dura Ace cassettte to do a good clean and lube today and had to pry off several of the cogs because one of them has been digging into the aluminum freehub body of my WTB laser disc lite hub. I doesn't look like an immediate threat, but since I probably only have 200 miles on the bike now I'm sure that by 600 or more I'll have an issue.

    Anybody run into this before? Is there a remedy?

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    It helps to have 2 chain whips or improvise with an old chain in order to get the cassette off. I had the same problem on my Ringle hub with an aluminum freehub body. Once the cassette digs in, it doesn't dig in any more with more miles. Just be sure to tighten down that lock nut to the high end of the torque spec.

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    It happens. I've used XTR and XT cassettes, and the last few cogs don't sit on the carrier, so they tend to bite into the freehub body.

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    Freaks a lot of people out who buy King hubs with alloy freehub bodies (but at least you can buy a stainless steel version if you want). Just file the notches down if you have to, your freehub body is certainly going to be fine in 600 miles.
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    Does anyone besides King have "upgrades"?

    Since all aluminum freehub bodies have this problem - what are the options for a decent cartridge bearing rear hub with a harder FHB???

    King stainless steel FHB, and........?????????

    I'm currently running a DT Onyx hub since it has a steel FHB and cartridge bearings, but I wish for other choices - like American Classic. I love their drive (ratchet?freewheel?) system.
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