So my wonderful wife bought me a Vinson for Christmas while it was on sale a couple weeks ago. I have brakes, and an 11 speed GX shifter / derailleur ready to go. I have a 96 BCD chainring ready to go as well, but it seems like the cranks are now the weak link in the bike.

Are there any reasonably priced cranksets for a 100mm bottom bracket out there? It's a 190 rear rather than 170, which looks like it might further complicate matters.

I see samox take-offs for sale here and there, but I'm concerned its not really enough of an upgrade from the stock crankset. I also heard a set of x5 cranks didnt clear the chainstays on the vinson frame, which is a shame because I really like SRAM cranks.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I'm a little out of my element with fat bike components.