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    8-speed chain on a 9-speed cassette

    Sorry in advance if this has been covered already, but I didn't find it using the search function. Anyhoo, ridiculously stupid question here....will an 8-speed chain work on a 9-speed cassette in a pinch? Yup, I know the 8 is a few mm's wider and will probably rub the two adjoining cogs, but how much so? Out here in my end of the world (BFE personified...) 9's have to be ordered thru "teh netz" but 8's are available in any WalMart. Once again, not for permanent usage, but short term/emergency use only. Yeah, I could order extras etc, but just wanna confirm compatibility or lack thereof I guess... Thanks

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    Yeah, it'll work ok. I did that for a few months one time I was broke. Didn't shift perfect but rode fine. I wouldn't hesitate to do while on a tour or something. That's actually a big reason my touring bikes are still 9 speed.

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