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    Would Outlaws me an upgrade for me?

    I have a stock Scott Voltage FR10 with dt swiss fr600 rims and Scott hubs and they are taking a beating and spokes are coming loose left and right (not to mention a few flat spots). I was going to drop $800 on a custom wheel set but heard decent things about the Outlaws. Would these wheels be an upgrade to my current set up and would they last for a couple seasons? I tip the scale at about 230 lbs and am a novice rider so i am not easy on my wheels. Thanks all!

    Any difference between the 2010 and the 2011 models? Thanks

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    FR600s are my rims of choice. The metal is incredibly strong and stiff. Dents are rare when compared to a mavic or a sunringle.

    I'll take any hand built wheel over some machine built ones.

    Granted, the outlaws are amazing wheels for the price.

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    Stans flows with hope hubs, you can try totaco them but I have had zero success with that. Best wheels I have ever had. You can have them build for about 500.
    Your big wheels are so awesome!

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    I really don't want to get new wheels but not very happy with my stock ones. I have heard great things about the FR600s but I am not having such luck. I found 2 dents in the front rim and i run pretty high psi in my tires. My rear spokes are coming loose and un true every ride. I would rather have a custom set built up but trying to build a new AM bike so did not want to drop $600+ on new wheels but may have to.

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    The Outlaws are a great wheelset for the price as are the Transition revolution 32's.
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    The outlaws are great wheels for the money. I use them on my trailbike. I've beat the crap out of them for 3 years & never had a loose spoke or a need to true them.

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    Are the transitions heavier than the outlaws?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpichu View Post
    Stans flows with hope hubs, you can try totaco them but I have had zero success with that. Best wheels I have ever had. You can have them build for about 500.

    you're insane guy.

    OP is denting up a much sturdier/stronger rim in a FR600. he would wreck a rim that was originally intended for AM purposes.

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    I'm using Alex rims w/ tubes and it's solid. Think Outlaw is the same except Alex is 32 hole and welded. Only thing I've noticed is a very slight jump @ the weld since day one, has not gone out of true in 1.5 years

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    Outlaws have been super sturdy for me and I case alot of landings/smack large rocks here in Colorado. I'm 200# without gear on. I would say stay with cheaper wheels until you get a bit smoother and understand how to maintain an expensive set of wheels. No matter what you spend, **** can bend and break if not tensioned right and not checked from time to time...checking spoke tension is key. Buy a tensionometer (they are around $50) and a truing stand ($50) otherwise, it's a matter of time before you just have a more expensive dented/flat wheel. It's not hard to learn so give it a try! Google and youtube can help you there. It won't be long until you can maybe even build your own wheels nice and strong! Good luck!
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    why don't you just buy new halos and spokes and use same hubs???
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    The Ebay deals are out there man, just gotta look.

    Picked up a set of Gravity Lites for 300 shipped bran new. Cheaper than Outlaws... Much lighter.
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