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    Wood feature to transition, help??

    So, I only started riding this year, maybe the beginning of June, but have been out quite a bit. I have slowly been tackling larger and more challenging features and have become fairly comfortable with all the huck to flat stuff around Nelson, but a feature was recently rebuilt. It is now a flat wood feature maybe 5 ft high, small gap to a dirt transition. I have done zero features with transitions so far as I am just not comfortable with them, but of course I tried this one. Any ways I panicked I guess pulled up really hard as I left the end of the feature and ended up handing very rear end heavy then totally packing up my front fork once it made contact. I didn't eat ****, but it was super close and I am sure it looked worse than it felt.

    The feature is super similar to the :49 mark of this vid: Hornby island Yer mom RAW POV Video - Pinkbike

    After watching this video about 20 times it looks like more of a float off the end kind of thing. In the end any tips are welcome as I am thinking about just hitting it over and over until it feels right.

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    landing to the dirt transition will be way smoother......the trick is to land evenly of a little front tire heavy....this wil make it smooth.....watch people better then you
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    Landing to dirt is the way to go. Just get the speed up until you can just float off. Then celebrate!
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    Friends don't let friends hit jumps/drops with flat landings. I'm surprised anyone is building them that way anymore.

    Anyway, yeah, just sort of float down to the transition, letting your front end drop to match the angle of the tranny. I don't get too fussy about whether my rear tire hits first or the front tire hits first -- if it's a nice, long tranny, it really doesn't matter. If it's a short tranny in which you have to hit it just right, I'd ere on the side of rear wheel slightly first. That way if your front lands flat (past the transition), you're not landing nose-first to flat. That's not a good feeling...

    I have done 20+ foot drops (no, I'm not exaggerating) with 40ish feet of distance that were smoother than even a simple 4 foot drop to flat. That's what a transition will do for you. Look at motocross riders too -- none of their big jumps are to flat.
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    Thank you for the tips guys! I'll ge going to hit it over and over and Wednesday so I'll be sure to report my progress.

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    Yup - that's the classic beginner mistake and ends in the "catapult of shame" as your front slams hard and the rear kicks you over somersaulting down the tranny. The only thing you need to remember for those features is to just ride off them in a center-balanced position and you'll be fine. If you reach with your legs while in the air you're screwed. Those drops really take zero skill, just balls - don't over-think them and just ride off (do NOT pull up off the lip)! Once you get better THEN you can pull up off the lip and add style but then you need to push the front down for landing. Don't worry about that for now tho.

    Have FUN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHIVER ME TIMBERS View Post
    ...a little front tire heavy....
    sometimes i am absolutely dumbfounded at the ridiculousness that comes out of your mouth...

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