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    Used 26" DH rigs-opinions needed

    I'm considering picking up a used dh rig in the $1K-$1500 range; model years 2011-2014. This would be my first dh bike and I'd be sticking to beginner and intermediate trails.

    I'm seeing a few bikes with more good reviews than negative, such as:

    Kona Operator
    Transition TR 450
    Banshee Legend MK II
    Intense 951

    I would seek to get Boxxer forks with the charger damper, or Fox 40 with FIT damper. I dig Saint / Zee components over SRAM, esp. for brakes. If anyone has ridden these bikes, please chime in for a newb. Thanks!

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    Used 26" DH rigs-opinions needed-img_0316.jpg

    I bought this 2012 Transition TR450 this spring for $1500 Canadian. After stalking bikes on Pinkbike for 6 months I bought this one. It had been well maintained, not overused or abused and had newer parts on it including the vivid air. A bit of clean up and a new decal package ($20 on ebay) it was good to go.

    The guy I bought it from was not much bigger than me, so the fit is really good. Other than putting a x-soft spring in it and softening it up for me, everything else is as I bought it.

    I love this bike! It is very solid, pretty forgiving and a great confidence booster. It rides the chunk very well, the things a tank! I don't feel like I'm getting bucked or pushed over the bars or run off the pedals, it has a very comfy balanced sweet spot for me. Had a great season riding lots of flow and tech trails. Can't wait for next season

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    I had a 2011 Legend. It was awesome. I just replaced it this year with a 2016. I'd still be riding it if I didn't find a smoking deal on my 2016 frame.

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    Cool, thanks guys. Tough decision to make, esp w/o being able to test a lot of them.

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    Just buy something. So many good deals on 26er DH bikes right now and as long as it's not an Intense or a Kona or carbon, it's probably sound. And DH bike design hasn't changed much in the last 5-6 years. Whatever you get, it'll be sick. Err on the side of getting a nice fork, since that'll be the one thing that'll cost you more than the bike to upgrade later, and will make a humongous difference in performance. Literally anything else can be easily swapped out.

    That said, buy a Podium. Amazing bike. So fun. Still completely relevant.
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