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    Tuning & Upgrading Marzocchi Super T Pros

    Hi Guys,

    I have some 2004 Super T pros and I would like to service and tune them.

    There is a knocking in the fork at the point where it changes travel direction, i.e. stops compressing and starts to extend. This happens at any point in the travel, and always at the transition point.

    My mechanic tells me it's the cheaper SSV dampening in the left leg, as the ports have a good bit of travel in them, so take a little bit of time to open / close.

    This results in a disconcerting feeling at the transition point and feels like it's affecting the dampening at speed.

    I have searched long and hard to find service instructions, but to no avail. I'm pretty mechanically minded, but would like to research things before I start pulling them apart.

    Does anyone have service instructions, or methods to tune the forks performance.

    Can I upgrade the left leg to HSCV dampening, perhaps even gaining a compression adjustment tunability (or is that simply achieved through oil height variation.

    Also, what the hell does the SSV leg dampening do? Don't the two different dampening circuits react differently to inputs and in turn affect each other?

    Any help or advise is much appreciated.


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    putting another cart in will make it like the older double cart SuperTs which only had rebound adjustment; compression is tuned via oil weight and height.

    the SSV is simply a check valve, where the valve is open in the compression direction and partially closed in the rebound. What this does is regulate the amount of oil that flows through the ports on the pumping rod given the stroke. The distance the valve part travels is minimal, but the transition when the oil gets blocked is sudden so can seem harsh.
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    Ahh.. the 04 T - you want it to perform? DEFINITELY swap in the HSCV cart for the SSV. The SSV cart compromises the benefits of the HSCV to an extent and it really is/was a disappointing fork compared to the 03 (damping wise)

    2003 Super T's (they dropped the pro label) were the cats meow - smoothest stanchions, sweet dampers (same deal as a shiver!) only perceived downside was the pressed lower crown.

    04 doesnt have the same buttery stanchiones, but they are smooooth and with the HSCV's you will have the best of 03 with the best of 04 combined!!

    Change oil weight (MZ Stock is 7.5) for more or less overall compression damping (but keep in mind this is HSCV, soit can be plush without bottoming) Oil height is supposed to be 90 or 95 mm from top I believe. Higher for more progressive (dont go over 80mm from top or you will def lose travel) Lower for more linear (dont go below 110 to prevent foaming etc...)

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    Thanks for the tuning advice mate that's great.

    Do you know how much a HSCV cart to fit the other leg is?

    Also, is it the same as the one in the right leg, as I'd imagine it wouldn't have the rebound adjust.

    Can you get one with compression adjust?



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