tubeless question - burping risk?-
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    tubeless question - burping risk?

    I see a couple other relevant threads, but don't answer quite the same question, so here goes:

    Is there reason for concern about burping (or other tubeless-related failure) when taking my current setup on lift served terrain?

    Running now Stans Flows, Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.4 Snakeskin, tubeless with stans, on a Mojo HD. Run 22/25 psi F/R, I'm 160 w/o gear. I've had great luck with it riding Bay Area trails since I got it in January, but Tahoe and Northstar are going to be a big step up in rockyness and bigness over annadel and demo, for example.

    The reason I am wary about this is that last year I racked myself pretty good (concussion and broken rib) after burping a tire at Jackson hole and then washing out on the transition on the next jump. That was riding my previous trail bike, with 2008 shimano XT wheels (19mm width, I think!) and 2.35 schwalbes.

    The wider Flows give me more confidence in the setup, especially managing a couple hard angled landings. But has anyone else had issues when taking this or a similar setup into a more aggressive terrain?

    (this is part of a larger question about whether to rent a big bike instead of beat on my pretty mojo on DH terrain, but for now I'm most interested in opinions on the tire question).


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    Those tires seem a bit flimsy for places like Northstar. If you ride anywhere near what could be considered "fast", with 22/25psi and those single ply tires, you will dent the hell out of the flow rims (which aren't all that dent-proof in the first place).

    My DH rig has a Stans Flow front rim with the yellow Stans strip, 100ml goo, a Minion DH Dual Ply and about 24psi. It holds up great, has never lost any air while riding. When I hit sharp rocks, I sometimes see wet spots on the sidewall, evidence that some fluid has spit out, but I have never lost any air pressure. The Flow rims seem to hold those tires on pretty well.

    I also used to have a Flow in the rear, same setup, but the rim folded after hitting too many rocks. Got a Mavic 823 now, it's a tank compared to the flow and hasn't even got a single dent so far.
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