Transition Blindside model differences-
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    Transition Blindside model differences

    I posted this in the Transition forum, but got no responses, maybe some of you can help me out. I am looking to buy a blindside frame and I have found a few online. Saw a 2009, 2010, and 2011. Heard they have changed after a certain year but don't know when. Can someone explain the differences? I like the Blindside for it's DH capabilities, but need something I can ride up since I have to pedal to ride down. Are there any to lean towards or stay away form? Thanks for the help!

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    The 2009/2010's are both the older style with the bent seat tube and non adjustable travel. The newer (2011) one has the adjustable travel, is lighter, and a straight seat tube so you can raise the seat higher. I think its also front der capable where the old one wasn't.

    Also, at some point they changed the older version to make it stiffer by giving it a solid, 1 piece upper link whereas the older one was a 2 piece and flexy. I think the blue/white, red, yellow, or raw ones (mid 2009 to early 2010 i believe) have the new link but could be wrong.

    You should probably go with the 2011 if you can afford it. Looks like a killer bike for what you are describing you want it for.

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    I think they also went from a 150mm rear to a 135mm rear as well to make it more of a "Big" all mountain bike and not overlap to far into the DH of there flagship DH bike the TR450. I have a gran mal im thinking about swapping parts over to a new blindside frame.

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    The rear was never 150 rear. The 2008 v1 had a shock mount like this( Transition Blindside 2008 Bike at Ultra mega secret in Siauliai, Lithuania - photo by Zoonie -, but was quickly changed to look like this (None at None in Valencia, California, United States - photo by Xcelrr8 - i think april they released the 08 v2. I wouldn't say it's a pedaling up bike though. it's still pretty plowy. They're super fast bikes. Some of the guys that have bought them from me say they pedal well, but they're coming from old, bulky, 49 pound dh bikes and don't own AM yeah if you're coming from a heavy older bike, it'll be great for pedaling

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