We took 3 runs today, each of which is about 3 miles of descending, it was super fun. We got there expecting the road would still be closed, and we would have to climb, but it was open and we shuttled. We rode Bennet Gap, Perry Cove, and Avery Creek trails. These are my 3 current favorites in pisgah, so I was glad to ride them before they close in 2 weeks, because they are seasonal trails. I only took 3 shots, and they werent really on the best parts of the trails, but here they are.

This is on Avery Creek trail.

Avery Creek.

Lower Avery, bit greener down here!

The creek.

I accidentally had my camera on 5-shot mode, from making a sequence on thursday, so my camera was acting weird, so thats why I only took 3 shots/they arent good.