Teva Links vs 510 Impact vs 510 Freerider-
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    Teva Links vs 510 Impact vs 510 Freerider

    Which do you ride with/prefer. I have been wearing Nike 6.0's and the grip is great, but the protection, specifically in the toe area is nill. I have smashed the crap out of my toes in those things, looking for something that will flex nicely like my Nike's but have a little added protection in the front area. I imagine all these options will grip just as well if not better than the Nike's. Open to any and all opinions and suggestions.

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    I've only ridden with Impacts, but it's all about the stealth rubber.

    The Impacts have some toe support that I have used a time or two and they are reasonably water resistant as apposed to the freeriders.

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    I demoed a pair of Links at Rays two weekends ago and was impressed. However, for DH, there is NO WAY I would use them. For urban and some trail riding, heck yeah I would. The construction was excellent, comfort was great. By the way, I normally use 6.0's for urban, and the Links were grippier and had a much better platform to stand on. They are not stiff like Impacts, but not as flimsy as the 6.0's. The Freerider is going to be comparable to the Links.

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    impacts ive been on them for 2 months now and its liek beign clipped but beign able to get ur foot off easily ii wouldnt wanna ride anything else now
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    I have the freeriders in the older white and black color way. I really like them. The toe area is really sturdy and will protect toes well. Around the ankle is padded well and the soles are plenty stiff and very grippy. I would like slightly higher ankle coverage but other than that I really am happy with them.

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    I have a pair of Impacts and recently picked up a pair of Freeriders. The Impacts offer excellent toe protection but I prefer a bit more pedal feel. The Freeriders have been a nice addition so far because they are sturdier than a regular shoe but not nearly as protective and stiff as the Impacts. I don't know anything about the Tevas, but based on what you said the Freerider sounds like a good candidate.

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    hmm decisions decisions. its between the impacts and freeriders now i see, maybe the baron as well? I wish I had somewhere local to try all these damn things on, but living in Georgia, not so much.

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    I have the Impact high top and the Freerider. I wear the Freeriders for dirt jumping and around town, especially because they make it convenient to jump on a bike whenever. However, I do not wear them for DH at all - I really don't feel well protected in them. To me, they are basically Vans with sticky rubber. I like to have solid ankle support/protection when I ride DH, if you're used to Vans or other less substantial shoes the Freeriders might feel better to you.

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    The Impacts are still quite unique despite all the new biking shoes coming out. They are really beefy, heavy, make your feet feel invincible and when you're wearing them it seems like your shoes are more attached to your pedals than your feet are stuck in your shoes.

    Everything else is in the same niche really, including Barons. They feel like vans, just better.
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