SX Trail Price Check-
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    SX Trail Price Check

    I looked at this bike this morning. Its pretty solid. The front hub is a bit sloppy and would need new bearings. Rear hub is super sloppy. Im going to tear into it tomorrow before I buy it to make sure the races aren't damaged. Suspension feels good. New crank set, cant remember what it was. He is asking $700 for it. Ill try asking 6. Im just wondering how much its really worth, I think 700 is a pretty good deal. Im only going to be able to keep it for a bit more then a half year before I will have to turn around and sell it. Do you think I could sell it for 700 again or a bit more?
    Specialized 06 SX Trail


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    That's a pretty solid bike, they were ahead of their time back in '06 IMO.

    Looks like the rear triangle was replaced (some of the earlier ones were prone to cracking). If it is replaced by the symmetrical '08 style triangle, then it is pretty solid. If replaced with an earlier '05-'07 triangle (asymmetrical) then it could still be a weak link (no pun intended).

    A replaced triangle could be evidence of hard use.

    I also think the DHX is not the ideal shock for that frame-in spite of what others may say, you would see a pretty big performance increase from sending it to PUSH to get rid of propedal valving (whether adjustable propedal or internally fixed).

    If you put some TLC into it and just want something to bash around, 600-700 is fair.

    If you are not a good bike mechanic, might want to look elsewhere just because it is probably pretty well-used.

    As for re-selling, depends. A lot of those bikes are still going strong and have their share of fans. But it isn't worth anything unless you have someone who wants it and some people will look it as an old, outdated design.
    You better just go ahead and drop that seatpost down to the reflector... the trail gets pretty rough down there.

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    my 07 is still going strong!

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    Alright So I bought the bike. It seems super clean. Nothing is stock except for the suspension, which feels pretty good except I feel nothing from eh pro pedal adjustment. Its got Deity bars, stem, post and seat. Race face DH evolve cranks. XT derailer and Cassette. looks like an 08 Mavic DeeMax rear wheel and a DT Swiss 2200 front. I dont think the drive train and wheels were replaced form super heavy use because the bike is so clean. So Im stoked about the bike, its way fun and I hope can can get get a buyer when I sell it.
    Thanks for all the Info uncle six. Does this info change your opinion at all? Nothing needs to be worked on or replaced that I can see so far (havent had time to ride it much yet) Im gunna give it an ovehall though; thats what I do to all my new bikes. IT seems so solid!
    It looks like the triangle is original. Its got the asymmetrical design.

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