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    Stinky bottoming out...

    Or so I thought.

    Once in awhile when I would over-jump and land to flat or take a large drop I would hear a metallic clank sound. So, I presumed that I was bottoming out my shock. I did everything to try and set the DHX Air 5.0 up correctly so it wouldn't bottom out. Bottom out adjustment, boost valve pressure, main spring pressure, etc. Nothing I did got rid of the periodic "bottoming out". At one point I had the boost valve at its max PSI of 200 and still it wasn't enough. Now I am only 165 pound rider, so you can imagine that I was getting pretty frustrated with the fact that I couldn't take a large drop without hearing the clank.

    Luckily I got to chatting with Kenny B at Rage and he mentioned letting all the air out of the shock and seeing what was going on during the full suspension travel. Well, sure enough I wasn't bottoming my shock out at all. Instead the rear triangle was hitting the seat post clamp as you can see in the picture (you can also see in the photo the amount of travel left when the seat clamp is hit). I felt relieved and pissed all at the same time. Relieved that it wasn't the shock, but pissed I had spent so many hours tweaking and never thought to do the simple thing.

    Anyway, I spun the clamp around and was still getting a little contact, so I have had to turn the clamp a little clockwise to make sure everything is clear. Seems to be good to go, but haven't gotten to field test just yet. So, is this a fluke? Bad design? Or just a "teachable moment"?
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    teachable bad design moment

    I had an identical problem with my 07 Stinky. Mind you, I was
    running the 5.0 DHX Coil. I simply added more air to the 155psi and
    adjusted the bottom out setting.

    I rode the Stab this weekend. Also has a DHX 5.0 Coil. 160psi, bottom out
    turn in 3/4 -propedal one click. felt like butter....

    Oh yeah, I go 6'4" 228 with gear.

    I've that the DHX Air takes a little more time to dial in, but once you there, they are
    pretty sweet.

    My $0.02

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    Really bad design. Kinda seems funny they didn't fix that if that was already a problem in 07.

    btw. dhx airs are pretty sweet? Unless the never models are much much different from mine 07 one they are the 2nd worst shock I've ever tried (1st one being a dnm that overheated and turned my bike into a hardtail). - Bike Camps not only in Poland

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