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    SOOOO Michelin

    Were is the 2.8 and 2.6 DH tires ??
    I loved the 2.8

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffinsurfboard View Post
    Were is the 2.8 and 2.6 DH tires ??
    I loved the 2.8
    Rubber technology has improved so much they are no longer required.

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    They have a totally new line. But last year did see the return of the 2.8

    It's just that they called it a 2.6
    In the first picture, you can see that the tread pattern on the one at the far right is identical to the DH 32 2.8
    Hence, Wild Grip'r Descent Heavy Duty 2.6 = DH32 2.8
    You have to get the HD version for the tread pattern, otherwise it's just the stupid 'Wild' tread pattern, which is about the worst I have ever run (next to the WTB Stouts).
    New Michelin Mountain Bike Tires Ė Wild GripíR, RaceíR and RockíR - Bike Rumor

    The new 2012 tires are (really) totally redesigned, including a new rubber compound and tread height, shape etc difference between tires of the same model, but different size (i.e. the 2.1 Wild is more like a SB8 height, and the 2.35 has taller more aggressive knobs)
    Closeup: New Wild RaceíR Ultimate and Wild Gripír, PRO4 Tires - Bike Rumor

    I am in the market for AM, Light FR tire. I always liked Michelin, despite their apparent lack of direction in the MTB market. Last years tires were a big let down, though the Rock'r looked ok. But, I didn't know that it was just to rush something to market, and that 2012 was the big year for them.

    I expect good things for 2012. Come next summer, a lot of folks will be on Michelin I expect. But it will be a hard fight with Schwalbe, Maxxis and Continental making such good tires.
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    I looked all over to buy them for the last year.
    None were in stock .
    I don't think they were made.

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