Someone sent me this email about a developer trying to cause access problems in Franklin Canyon. I don't that much about it yet but plan to show up on Saturday, show support for the trail and learn about it all. Anyone else going ... or know more about it?

Here is the email I got -

Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 20:41:00 -0800
Subject: Save Franklin Canyon Events

Hello Everyone,

- BIG EVENT!!!! 'Hike To The Top' on Saturday the 19th. Plan to hike the Hastain Trail and go up as far as you are able. There is a chain link fence that blocks access to the top and that may or may not be up so if that is as far as we can go then that is where we meet. Plan to be there by 10 AM. That is, be at the top by 10 AM. VERY IMPORTANT; Bring signs. Bring signs that state your geographical location i.e. North Hollywood, Studio City, Beverly Hills. Also any other signs you would like to bring like, 'Save Franklin Canyon,' or something cute and creative, whatever, are fine. Reason for geographical location signs is to show the huge population that is served by this canyon. We are doing a press release regarding this event and expect at least 50 people. I am hoping for 100. Let's have some FUN!! Let's get the media's attention! Bring snacks. (Just a thought.) A map of the canyon is attached. (If you know you will be joining us, an email confirmation would be great. Just reply, "Yes!")

See you there.

There is also a website - - that had this info:

Hadid is in the process of leveling the peak that extends from the Hastain Trail, part of the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy. I stopped the bulldozers on Tuesday Feb. 15, by sitting my butt down in front of them but they are making more progress as I write. [email protected]

Mohamed Hadid of Hadid Development (google his name, it's enlightening - in a scary and sad way) is a huge developer of Ritz-Carlton Hotels and much more. He is building his reputation on finding creative ways to achieve what others cannot. In this case, what others have not and should not. His goal now is to build a property at the top of Franklin Canyon, thus infringing on nature and countless hikers who have been finding refuge in this retreat for more than 20 years.

Franklin Canyon can be accessed from Beverly Drive and also from Coldwater Canyon across from Tree People at the light and intersection of Mulholland, Coldwater, and Franklin Canyon. This conservancy is 400 plus acres of hiking trails that are getting infringed on by developers in the outer skirts of the canyons as I write but this developer is taking things too far. He wants his house in the middle of the canyon, on a peak all his own. (He says the house is for himself but he is a developer. So..?) The balance of nature, the environment and the peace that hikers seek will be affected. It has in fact already been affected but we can stop progress. Maps of Franklin Canyon can be found online by searching 'Franklin Canyon' (Beverly HIlls)

Again this appears to be set for this Saturday Mar 19th .... at the top of the trail by 10 AM.