SnowShoe Opening Weekend 2013-
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    SnowShoe Opening Weekend 2013

    Rained all friday and didn't get anything in other than 12hrs spent in Old Spruce downing various forms of alcohol, but Sat turned out for an awesome, if muddy, adventure while all day Sunday and Monday was probably some of the best riding we'll see this year.

    Couple changes, little bit more machine work.

    They flattened out the practice drops on Basin... meh... harder landing now and some people were bottoming out on the 3rd and 4th drops. Some new trailwork on Basin as well, entrance to K has been redone. N is all kinds of screwed up but still somewhat passable.

    Little more berm work done on Western in a few spots but it was mostly left untouched since last season with the exception of the Cupcake gap. They REALLY screwed this one IMO. They extended the flat landing by about 8ft and steepened/smoothed the landing with a much more prominent lip coming from flat to transition... you used to be able to crank 3-4 pedal strokes coming out of the berm and nail it easy on the transition, but now people were really pushing it pedaling from the berm to the ramp and still casing it BAD. Couple people left on stretchers and they closed it sometime on Sunday. I'm hoping they undo most of what they've done because even the regulars weren't touching it this weekend.

    Lots of fun regardless and they're opening up two new trails in July, a beginner route to replace Yew Pine on Basin and a new jumpline on Western called Skywalker. Season pass is in hand and I'll be there again in a few weeks for more fun!
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    sweet pics
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    Very nice ! Ill be visiting this year .

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    I have heard the same complaint about the Cupcake gap from many people. I hear they are going to re-do it again. We will see if they do in time for Race #1 though. I sure hope so as it used to be a lot of fun.

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    Season pass in-hand, me & about 5 more headed up in a few wks!!!!
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    SnowShoe Opening Weekend 2013

    They need to just undo what they did. The berm is nice to carry speed through after but the new landing sucks.

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    Rumor is they lost a large amount of there trail crew to Bryce this year. That's why the features that they rebuild each year aren't quite right. Sucks I used to enjoy the nice landing in the drop park and was hoping to step up to the cupp cake gap this year.

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