Are skewers included??-
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    Are skewers included??

    Please help guys. I recently sold off an '03 Super T and I shipped it off in exactly the same configuration as when I bought it i.e. inclusive of the handlebar reducer and the thru-axle BUT without the thru-axle-specific QR skewer. Now the buyer is asking for the QR skewer as well, saying it's supposed to come with the fork...

    Is it the "norm" for the QR skewer to come toghether with the fork?? I'm a little unsure cos' the QR skewer sure as hell didn't come with the fork when I bought it but rather it came with the thru-axle front hub which I purchased separately. All along i was under the impression it came with the hub so I hadn't included it in the description of the ad i had put up or in the fork pictures i took... If I were to go out now and buy a thru-axle Marz or Manitou fork, do they now come with the QR skewer included??

    I dun discount the possibility that my lbs might have made a mistake as to which component the QR skewer is supposed to come with though so I hope you guys could help clarify and clear up the confusion

    (p.s. I know this probably belongs in the "Forks & Shocks" forum but there's heavier traffic in here and it's afterall a DH/FR fork... Hope you guys can help me out )
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    marzocchi QR 20 forks come with the hub, which comes with the skewer.

    The Monster T, shiver DC and shiver SC do not come with the hub.

    Things are different for 2005 because the "QR" 20mm system is gone, I don't exect any of those would come with the hub.
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    Getting confused

    Quote Originally Posted by Jm.
    marzocchi QR 20 forks come with the hub, which comes with the skewer.
    Thank you Jm but i'm getting confused... Are the hubs that are supposed to come with the QR20 forks "Marzocchi" brand hubs?? I've never seen them before... Also was the hub supposed to be part of the whole "package" when i bought my fork??

    I notice that many of the online retailers just sell the fork alone with the hub having to be bought separately (as was my case)...

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    ...ok, I'll try to clarify...

    ...ok, in 2003:

    The Super T usually came with the QR20 axle, however, it could also come with a 20mm without the QR system, you tightened it with a hex wrench. If this is what you had, go to the Marzocchi website and look it up in the 2003 manual. Be careful ! It is the threaded cap model axle in Section 3.5 of the manual.

    If you had this system and you sold it complete to the seller, indicate that to the seller and also indicate this option is noted in the 2003 manual.

    If you had the true QR20 system and only sold the axle without the skewer, the buyer may have a point. Did you have to buy a 20mm skewer for the fork later on ? In that case, you did not receive the fork complete.

    You can get Marzocchi QR20 axles with skewers really cheap at Cambria. I bought an extra 1 for my forks and these appear to be a better quality (more material) than the stock 1 that came with my Z1.

    I think Jm. meant to say QR20 forks come with the axle, which comes with the skewer. However, as I noted, it appears there was a threaded cap option for 2003, it's possible that this is what your fork had. I don't know how many forks actually came with this option, it may have been OEM or never released, this is possible, 1 of these manufacturer "...specifications to change without notice..." things.

    I bought a 2003 Z1 FR QR20 fork. It came with the QR20 axle and skewer, the hub did not come with it. When I bought a 20mm front hub, the 20mm front hub did not come with the axle, that comes on the fork.

    I hope that helps.

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