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    SixSixOne Filter SPD

    So, I'm in need of new shoes because my Pearl Izumi's are falling apart.

    I'm looking into getting some Filter SPD's.

    What is your experience with these shoes? And how is the fit? I've heard that they run a little large.

    Lay your opinions on me.


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    just to get the ball rolling......not idea!
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    Fit my feet fine. True to their size, and probably more wider than XC type of shoes. You also might need to trim or get shims if you want to put cleats on these.

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    Really? true to their size? I have a pair of the session SPD's and they seem to run HUGE.
    What size shoe do you wear and what size Filter did you order?
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    I have a pair and they are exactly the size they say they are. I wear size 9 to 9.5 depending on brand of regular shoes and I ordered the size 9 Filters, they fit perfect. They are a great downhill shoe and I even wear mine around off the bike quite a bit. I don't like using them for regular rides though, too hot and the soles aren't as stiff as a XC shoe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motormonkeyr6
    Really? true to their size? I have a pair of the session SPD's and they seem to run HUGE.
    What size shoe do you wear and what size Filter did you order?
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    its cool that someone made a thread on these, i just ordered some last week and they are due in tomorro. IMO the white looks better.
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    I have a pair. Same size as all my shoos, 44. A little wider than my diadora xc shoos, but that fits the riding. Have SPD's on them and that works very well with the spd/cage padels I have on my AM/FR bike. Might not be best for xc, but than, that;s not this forum.... ;-)

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    I've been looking at these since I have the old version without the velcro strap and they're getting tired... These are the only SPD shoes I like since they're actually comfy if you have to wear them for beers after the ride...
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    Shimano DX shoes are super comfy too.

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    DX shoes are going to be my next pair. The toe box on the Filter's (I've had 3 versions of them) has a stiff piece in it that my toe nail catches on. The Filter's work great & last a long time, but I can't ever get the laces to work for when I want to untie them. I always leave mine tied & just slip/chove them on. You can crank on the strings all you want & they don't like to snug up. Plus the DX has that nice full cover for mud/goop/fresh string.
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    I've been riding the Filters for about a yr or two and I love them. The others are right, they do run true to their size and they aren't too narrow like a lot of other shoes are. I've never had to trim the rubber back or add shims like Cable0guy states. The Filters hold up well. I ditched the strap though, no need for it IMO. Not stiff like XC shoes, but ride very well on my 646's. The Session's have super soft soles and don't provide near as much stiffness in the sole. I like the Filters waaay better, they're more like a skate sole, (think Vans). You can catch these shoes on sale really cheap sometimes. I think I got mine for like $25-30 from Blue Sky Cycling.

    Dang !! They ain't cheap now and the link is to the 07's, the 08's are $10 higher !!! They're worth it though. They ain't no 5.10's but they aren't too bad when you unclip and just ride the platforms, never had a problem w/them not having grip. Never had the problem w/mine as bizutch describes, but he is a "Third Degree Hater-Fu".....
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