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    Sick intense

    Has anybody try this bike?

    INTENSE 951 EVO, 27,5″ | Frankenbike

    I need good a good advice, maybe its my next bike...

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    I would wait before jumping the gun to a 650B DH bike. There isn't a rim or dual ply DH tire available yet. Notice on the test bike done on Pink Bike thate the tires and rimes are trail bike setups. Probablly why the bike seems to roll and accellerate so much faster than the M9, lighter wheels. Larger hoops would increase as well, but for a fair comparison the M9 should have been set up with the same make and brand as the Devo. Compare apples to apples and not apples to bowling balls.

    FYI, You can set up an M9 (with Manitou Dorado fork) to run 650b wheels by running the chain stays in the longest positions, so I've been told.
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