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    New question here. Should I upgrade my Vanilla 125R?

    Got a Vanilla 125R fork on my khs FR1500 (laugh it up). It does good but bottoms out pretty easilly with the green spring. i weigh 175 lbs. i'm convinced i could go bigger than the usual 4 footers if i had a better fork.. do i cough up for a sherman flick @ jenson for $289 or do i spend $35 at the lbs on a yellow spring? i heard that even the sherman comes undersprung so i'd be out another $35-ish bucks for a heavier spring there too, but i'd be gaining an inch of travel and hopefully some performance. I appreciate anyone's input!

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    i weigh about 10 lbs less and have the blue springs. i did a 4 1/2 to flat and dont think i bottomed it out, i'd say order the yellow springs and stick with fox i think you'd be amazed at what you can do with that fork. pretty sure you wont gain anything other than an inch of travel if you decide to get the sherman.
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    you could order direct from Fox for less than $35.

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