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    Shiver DC or Slider +

    Been ridin a Shiver DC for a while now. Love the thing... but its a tad big and heavy. Don't get me wrong this fork kicks ass, but i would like to go to something lighter. Thinking about a Sherman Slider Plus. I've heard a lot of good things about them and was thinking about giving one a try. Its gonna go on a '03 Giant DH. So.... whats the verdict??

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    I was always happy with the performance of my Shiver, but I hear what you're saying about the weight issue. The Slider Plus, despite having a half inch less travel, will sit at about the same height as the Sherman line is a little bit on the taller side. You'll lose 1 - 1.5 pounds, depending on what springs and oil height you're running in your Shiver.

    The big thing to consider is the difference in performance between the two forks. My own experience on the Sherman SPV stuff has been that they don't offer the same butter-plush feeling that the Marzocchi stuff does. They do pedal better (between the valving and the weight), and you've got more tuning options outside of the fork with the Sherm. But if you want a fork that's going to be super smooth and active all the time, I might not lean towards the Manitou side of things.

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    I went through the same thing. I had an 02 shiver last year and sold that thing off and gotta slider+. So far the thing has performed well, altho i am not at all a fan of the SPV valving. I really dont like the fact that the intensity of the rebound control is directly affected by the amt of air pressure in the thing. So i am gonna play around with oil height and wt and the air pressure a bit to try and plushen things up. The SPV pedals awsome like James mentioned, but you lose almost all small bump sensitivity. The sherman is a total freeride fork, not the best DH'r in the world. One more thing to consider, is that its a hellofa lot narrower and a 2.7" intense EX tire will not fit through the arch and keep the paint on the lowers. 2.5" works nicely however. If i can find a way to get some small bump compliance out of the fork i will be totally happy with it.

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