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    Sherman Slider plus.++

    Ok folks . We have a Sherman Slider Plus over here.
    When the inflation goes under 70 Psi on the right leg. We have harsh top out on the rebound!

    Whats is it from ? Is it normal? I mean we shouldn’t go under 80 Psi in the air chamber ?

    But as the pressure goes above 80 we cant experience Dh smoothness ‘ plush travel .
    Is that also normal as the Sherman is a freeride fork and nor designed for DH?

    The rider ( my friend ) is 85 kg’s that makes around 190 lb’s.

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    My wife has one of those relics on her dh rig. We run it at 50 PSI, which I think is the minimum. Still ain't so plush even at that...

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    If you are clunking at over 50psi, then your SPV damping isn't working correctly and - I think - needs new grease in the damper.

    But that might be ok, as for DH, what really want to do is Devolve the SPV. It eliminates the platform and lightens the compression.

    Do a search in the Shocks forum for "Devolve" and/or the user "Dougal". The process is easy and reversible.


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    I actually have quite a bit of knowledge about those things, I custom built my 05 to get rid of the SPV all together.

    If it's a Slider + then it has to be a 2005, which the minimum air is 35 PSI.

    The air part of that damper system has nothing to do with the compression or rebound, it is only there to set the air pressure that holds the SPV valve closed. The more pressure, the more force it takes to blow the SPV platform valve open, which equals a really really harsh fork which is why more DHer's would want to run the minimum PSI. (Or in my case, get rid of it all together)

    Drop the pressure down to 35PSI and see if its still topping out. If it is, then more than likely you have a bad damper and the rebound isn't working. If you are sure the rebound is working, then crank it up and see if it makes the top out less harsh.

    Do a full oil change on the fork and use 10wt oil, which is what was spec'd stock from Manitou. Too light of oil will also cause them to top out. I believe the stock oil quantities are 140cc or 110mm from the top of the leg in the damper leg and then 16cc of just 10W30 motor oil in the bottom of each leg for the semi-bath lube.

    Also if you want to remove the SPV valve while your in there, the instructions are pretty straight forward and can be found here:

    If you remove the SPV, then the fork will feel more plush and linear like a Boxxer and the air pressure adjustment basically becomes your high speed compression adjust. More air for more compression, less air for less compression.

    Hope this helps

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    Keep in mind that not all 10w oils are created equal. Though the label may list the same viscosity, actual viscosity may differ.

    I would highly recommend devolving the SPV.

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