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    Santa Cruz Super 8(attn super 8 owners)

    OK, I have the chance to buy a 2002 super 8. White frame, 02 shiver(awesome condition), race face north shore cranks, mrp guide, sunn double wide rims(26 front/ 24 rear), hayes 8" hydros, azonic bars, thompson post, deore shifter, and arrow tires. Now the questions; the guy want at least 1500, i may be able to talk him down. What do you think of the price? Or, what do you think it is really worth? The frame is in awesome condition with the exception of a tiny tiny crack on the rear swingarm brace, but if you have ever seen a super 8 then you would know that its like an aluminium box back there. So would that really effect the how structurally sound the frame is? I am very new to dh bikes so any help would be so awesome. Also some pics of your super 8 would be sick, thanks.

    Also if anyone is interested I have a bombshell wicked wendy inverted fork. Aluminium wrapped in carbon fiber, with minor scuffs. Beautiful fork.

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    IMO price is too high for a non production bike that is almost 4 years old and it has a crack...Santa cruz doesn't make parts for it anymore. The single pivot is not really that good. i would rather have a bullitt (still single pivot) then that.

    Might want to look at other bikes...for 1500 you could get something way nicer
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    definatly don't buy it if its got a crack....

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    Well think about it if there is a crack there that means force is put on that part of the frame and the crack will continue to get bigger as you ride. IMO dont buy it your helping the seller out by buying his useless frame.

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    $1500 is a can find a old Intense M1 for a tad higher than that. Granted the Super 8 is super sick and a awesome old school bike, its not worth 1500.

    And as for the crack, I would say its okay if it was a Bullit or a frame that has replacable parts today, but a Super 8 swingarm may be hard to find if you break or snap your swingarm.
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    No go!

    I like Super 8's (I liked mine atleast), but it was a damn chatter box cuz the shock shuttle shock mount wouldn't stay tight.

    Santa doesn't make any spare parts, so my bike was SOL for a measly $30 part. Made more noise than a monkey on the drums.

    And with a crack?!?!? Buy something else, unless you get lucky and pick up a swing arm on ebay (which I've seen from time to time). But that adds even more to the price.
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    no dice man...

    steer clear of anything with a crack in it. For 1500 get a used stinky, or big hit. I f your really worried about legit downhill bike giants are goiing used pretty cheap on from time to time. Would be a bad decision at any price due to the crack in the swingarm and obscelete design IMO. There's a reason thier not made anymore.


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    were you at the Final Descent race in New Mexico last month? i think i tried to talk you out of buying ANY super8 back then and still suggest not buying. RUN AWAY like Amway.

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