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Thread: RST R1 forks?

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    RST R1 forks?

    Hey does anybody ride the 2008 RST R1 forks if so how are they? ive always wondered. my brother has an RST on a crappy DB response and it is completely blown, but i was wondering if anybody thought the '08 RSTs are any better?
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    They are getting alright reviews. They're heavy.

    There was a guy on RideMonkey who built up a really nice Transition with one. And it actually looks like a nice fork...

    ...I repeated. It looks like a nice fork.

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    I've got the a-one, that is the 2009 model.

    the fork it self has a very stiff chassis and the dials work fine. built quality on it is top notch and it looks really good.
    The fork weighs in at 3.2 kilos, not the lightest but not the heaviest either.
    Good ridding height.
    It is a nice looking fork

    You really should service the fork before you use it, change the lubricant for something more adequate, it comes with some sort of really thick grease that sticks to the stanchions and dust like crazy.
    The spring is way too hard, I had to replace it for a softer spring (I couldn't get full travel before).
    Always make sure you keep the seals clean, otherwise it becomes really sluggish.

    the oil in the damper might be a little too thick, but that it up to my own preference.

    a real bargain for its money, with a little care and attention it is capable of giving similar performance to its "a lot more expensive" rivals.

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