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    New question here. Riding technique question

    Here's the deal.

    I was at Whistler this last w/e. I hit the last table-top in lower A-Line with too much speed. I shot up, the bike got vertical (and then inverted) on me and I could not recover. Thank God for protective gear.

    My question is this, aside from not getting into this situation in the first place, is there any way that you can recover from this (namely, rotate the bike forward)? I have heard that locking up the front wheel in the air should rotate the bike forward, but experimenting with this, it did not seem to do too much.

    Any thoughts?


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    Locking up the rear wheel will pull the rear end up or push the front end down. I've foudn that through my lack of jumping skills it helps me a lot.
    is making a comeback.

    Turns out that five years of not mountain biking, really makes one strive to get back to it.

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    I love the table that you are talking about in your post. The new extension of A-Line this year is short but VERY sweet.

    It sounds like al you need is more practice (don't we all). I would not advize that you start yanking your brakes in the air as it is a VERY advanced move to do. When you hit the brakes in the air it stops the rotation of the tires and pitches the nose of your bike down.

    If you ever watch motorcross bike jump they are able to get their noses down doing exactly what I just mentioned. They can also get their nose up by reving the gas and prevent total nose dives.

    We don't have the luxury of an engine.

    I recommend practice, practice and more practice.

    Try to make sure you are centered on your bike at takeoff and just keep practicing.


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    One basic trick to ensuring the bike comes from vertical, to forward, to down is the movement you must co-ordinate with your feet and your arms. Upon lift-off, you want to pull up (or do nothing at all, depending on your speed, and the lip), as you move forward in the air, point your toes DOWNWARD as far as they will go, this will ensure the back of the bike follows you wherever you go. Now that your feet at locked-in, push the handlebars forward, and rotate them forward/downward, like you would in a bunny-hop. This will rotate the bike forwards, and you'll land safely.


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    Motocross Physics

    You are only partially correct . Gassing a mx bike in the air brings the front up very slightly but after you hit the rear brake it doesn't have an effect. I raced professionally for 6 years and have lots of experience with this.

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