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    rider down

    hey guys i just read this on www.leelikesbikes.com

    Posted May 21, 2005 : 1:30 a.m.
    Send your best to Evan

    Today one of our favorite people, Evan Chute, overshot the first double in the six-pack at Gunbarrel and, knowing he wouldn't clear the second, he jumped off his bike and ran it out. It was a perfect dismount, except he stepped into the face of the next jump at full speed with his left leg straight.

    The impact drove the head of his femur out of his hip socket. Along the way, the inner 1/3 of the femural head broke off, and a chip was knocked off the socket itself. Evan suffered immediate, terrible pain, and it was clear something was very wrong. Paramedics tool him to Boulder Commmunity Hospital, where he said a lot of funny stuff, especially after the narcotics hit.

    A team tried to re-locate the femur, but Evan's leg muscles were too strong and too tense. When the doctor pulled back Evan's gown to start the procedure, he saw Evan's legs and said, "Man, look at these quads. This is going to be hard." They gave him some super-duper drugs, and they seemed to be working because Evan stopped talking. One guy held Evan's hips down while the other stood on the bed and yanked on Evan's leg. In a flat tone, Evan said, "Not sleeping."

    These guys tried as hard as they could, and they still couldn't re-locate that femur. As I watched, I got nauseous and almost fainted. It was that burly. Later a bigger team send me out of the room, gave Evan more drugs and got the job done. Afterward Evan was much more comfortable, and he just wanted to get fixed and get out of there.

    Evan will get surgery this morning to re-attach the broken piece of his femur. Hopefully his bone will heal, and he'll regain most of his use. The surgeon won't know the specifics until he gets in there, and after the surgery it'll all come down to the bone healing.

    Evan is a strong, healthy, fellow, so his chances are as good as they can be. But he still needs all the good vibes he can get. Let's all send our best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

    I'll keep the updates coming.

    im not a friend of evan but we have common buds and they all love this guy. he does a lot for the colorado racing scene and posts on ridemonkey as full trucker i believe. its really sad what happened and considering i built a lot of the set he crashed on it hits home hard. evan i wish you the best man. your a class act.
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    Ouch... wow.. big ouch. Get well Evan, I don't know ya, but I know how to overshoot doubles, too

    Good luck and healing good vibes out to ya...

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