Rebuilding an old DH Rig-
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    Rebuilding an old DH Rig

    Hello everyone,

    I used to ride and race Downhill when I was in my teens. At the time time I would go building a top quality bike on a KHS Dominatrix Frame.

    Boxer front fork might be a year 99 or 2000. Avalanche Rear strut. and top of the line accessories at the time. Hayes disc Brakes ect. etc.

    Im 33 now and the the bike has been sitting for 18 or so years and I'm Interested in riding again. Can I have the fork serviced or do it myself? are the breaks able to be re built with new seals? I'm sure avalanche can re build the shock for me, but I'm not sure where else to start.

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    Thats cool to bring an old bike back into service! I would do a basic service of everything yourself first. Fluid and fork seals on the fork, new hydraulic fluid in the brakes, new shift cables, new pads, check and lube every bearing and replace as necessary. Assuming this wasn't left outside and rusted many parts are probably fine.

    You can find parts for old hayes disk brakes and boxxer forks online. Bearings are all standard sizes. Rear shocks are not a DIY thing for most people so if that has issues its time to find a shop. Shops around here are ~$150-200 for a rebuild.

    Here are the part numbers for 2000 boxxers:

    You probably have G1 HFX brakes, which are easy to rebuild. Piston seal at the caliper is probably shot but caliper rebuild kits are $20 and easily found online. Universalcycles has them for sure. Definitely change the fluid.

    Hope you get your bike back on the trail. I'd be pretty stoked to see one out there.

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    That is all great info and gets me on the right track. Thanks so much.

    The frame is a turd unfortunately. it was very poorly designed. It suffers from terrible peddle bob and has some breakage issues.

    I found some frames from the same era on eBay for only a few hundred bucks. Id love to move everything over to an old Intense M1 or a Santa Cruz Super 8 If I do get riding again.

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