Question re: stem length-
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    Question re: stem length

    Might be a stupid question, but feel this should be asked and the freeriders would know the most regarding this. I just bought a trek fuel ex8 and because I am 5'5" but have a longer torso I bought a small (15.5 inch) and my LBS put a longer stem that puts the handle bars forward. This is perfect with respect to riding xc style and feel pretty comfortable.

    Does having this longer stem alter geometry and make it harder to bunnyhop and get air? Though I"ve only been riding for about 2 months, I've been starting to try to take jumps and that kind of thing, and have found bringing the front wheel up to be difficult.
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    Most xc bikes have anywhere from 80-120mm stems. Freeride /downhill is 40-70mm with 50 being the norm

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    shorter stem will probably help out.

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    Well, the longer stem is going to make your weight distribution shift forward a bit. This will help you more with climbing and cornering (by virtue of putting more weight on the front tire). It's not going to alter the geometry of the bike enough to notice. I guess you could say that having more weight forward will make the front end sag a bit more, but you'll compensate for that with more air pressure.

    It would make the front end harder to get up because you have more weight on the front end of the bike.

    If you want to move the front end around more, take some weight off the front of the bike by putting a smaller stem on there.
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    Stem length greatly effects the handling of a bike. Longer stems (above 90mm) create "floppy" handling and often but you weight to far forward. The ideal stem length is somewhere between 40-75mm depending on bike and trails ridden.
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    IMHO, a 50mm - 0deg rise will do just fine.

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